Oliver Wildman

Oliver Wildman is a visual artist and sculptor working out of the Well Studios, Liverpool.

‘Congratulations On The Mess’  Mirrored acrylic, Jesmonite and Expanding Foam.

Congratulations On The Mess is a trophy to the chaotic world we live in where riches and wealth can be attained no matter what the consequences, be that social or environmental. The piece is being ripped apart by the burgeoning, almost organic, form beneath until it is almost consumed by itself.

‘Tribute to Reynaud’  Steel, cast iron and rubber.

Tribute to Reynaud is inspired by the white ceramic tiled house of Jean-Pierre Reynaud and seeks to recycle and transform a sewerage pipe into a new and playful form that is at odds with its original purpose.

‘Munsell Grey’

Munsell Grey is showing my endeavours into Realist art painting as I train myself in the Munsell Value system of 9 values of grey from black to white. 9 spheres have been painted and then put under a spot light and it is the aim of the exercise to render the spheres as life-like as possible.