Miriam Sakwa

My artistic practice is influenced by my work as an Art-Therapist where enabling artistic freedom, play and creativity are paramount. I’m interested in the inherent value of art as a form of play and allowing imagery to spontaneously emerge.

I primarily work in print and use the lino-cut method to create bold and bright images that celebrate form, pattern and colour. The work is often inspired by dreams, nature and childhood reverie. Compositions evolve from the interplay of these aspects and act as a bridge to my imaginative world.

Between Being and Separateness: Experiments in Plaster Sculpture

For Act 3 I adopted a playful approach to sculpture by often carving directly into plaster. This method allows organic shapes and forms to emerge spontaneously – in this way an immediate relationship with the material is developed which directs the work.

Miriam Sakwa


Three prints were presented in response to Act 1 of the Material Matters to showcase a range of lino-print techniques. The images were an exploration of nature and symbolism, brought alive through the play of bold colour, form and pattern.

Miriam Sakwa ‘In the Cornfield’, multiple plate lino-print
Miriam Sakwa ‘The Forest’, 4 plate lino-print
Miriam Sakwa ‘City at night’, Reduction Lino-print