Laura Sullivan

Laura is a UK- based visual artist specialising in mixed media, covering many platforms, her work embraces traditional artistic processes with a contemporary outlook.

Continuing her career working on multiple projects, Laura is developing a touring workshop to be held at small festivals and community events. Teaching a group of visually impaired adults and how they found ways of adapting to overcome barriers was the inspiration for creating an all inclusive event that aims to empower participants.

‘Multi-media art and cross-collaboration is something that I find both inspiring and an excellent way of combining new emerging disciplines with more traditional methods. My personal experiences of international collaboration, travel and a keen interest in the world around me have heavily infused ideas of escapism, movement and environment into my work.’

Void (2013) Plaster, print, charcoal and acrylic on wood, 30.5 x 61cm

Developed as part of a series this piece focuses on the spaces in between destinations and how we create new visual landscapes through our memory. Void (2013) has been a crucial piece of work with themes and techniques that have continued to inspire and develop in later work, experimenting with new materials and creating different textures to combine with print making. This piece showcases merging the structure of print and its process with the personality and fluidity that painting has to offer.

‘Delhi is still far’ (2018)  Gouache, print, charcoal and graphite on canvas, 40 x 40cm

The photos taken from a journey through Pakistan show another way of life, far in distance and some times far from our understanding. Images are pieced together in our memory creating new surreal looking landscapes. Using traditional methods, images are layered printed fluid brush strokes printed through the mono printing method. Drawing over these images to highlight sections others fade into the textures of the canvas, a cut out of pattern work adds another layer, obstructing the viewer from seeing this world in full.