Attila Olah

Working as a commercial ice sculptor at Glacial Art Ice Sculptors and working under the wings of Claudi Casanovas, Catalan ceramic sculptor, has given me the insight and privilege to create a bridge between ceramics and ice. Through juxtaposing and merging these two contrasting material areas a fresh visual language and new contexts have begun to reveal themselves.


The vessel is a profoundly sacred and secular symbol at once that pervades some of the most fundamental aspects of human life. Both as a concept and as an artefact the vessel is intimately entwined with our ideas and rituals surrounding the phenomena of birth, growth, worship and death, which to a large extent define us as a species.

Exploring these themes one inevitably has occasion to arrive at the predicament of mankind whose relatively recent history is the story of an ego-dominated society that has lost contact with the divine. The individual is left in pursuit of truth or beauty, desperately trying to capture the essence of that which is somehow felt but cannot be known.

Using the vessel as a vehicle for self-enquiry is my attempt to transcend a fragment of the unknown into the known world, and to condense what feels like spiritual truths into aesthetic experiences.

: Plastic, porcelain, wood, metal
. 1350x1000x1000mm