Angelo Madonna

Angelo Madonna is an artist who lives and works in Liverpool. He is the founder of ‘Emotional Minimalism’, an ongoing research project bringing together sculpture, design, community projects and DIY electronic music.

‘Transcending space’ (2018) Mixed media

It is necessary for me before starting the making, to establish a dialogue with the place and develop a feeling – a connection between the space and my personal history. This imaginative overlapping of histories, locations, and temporalities becomes the primary source of inspiration that eventually I translate into sound/visual installations.

Through this affective engagement with the location I identify the materials available, and through the process of observing, listening and attending the area, the form that the work eventually takes starts to emerge. I am interested in reducing complexity into minimal sculptural elements of emotional tension that I like to call: Emotional-Minimalism.

Angelo Madonna: Transcending Space (2018)

RE-FRAME: Treasuring What is Left Behind

For Act 1 of the exhibition Material Matters Angelo Madonna presented two series of work from the project “Re-Frame”. “Re-Frame” was conceived by the artist/designer Angelo Madonna in collaboration with Urban Workbench, a platform created by WeMakePlaces.

Urban Workbench is a learning hub for individuals & communities looking to develop new skills and get involved in grass roots regeneration. It is a Nomadic Learning Hub created for individuals and communities to take control of shaping and making their places.

WeMakePlaces is a Community Interest Company, based in Liverpool, UK that helps communities of interest and locality to develop sustainable projects. These projects are about reconsidering ignored, underused or condemned places in a new light, allowing them to rise again becoming healthy, happy, active and loved.

“Chair and X” (2018)

The photographic work “Chair” and “X” – CNC bed with wood dust – that Angelo Madonna is presenting in this exhibition, is a documentation of the manufacture of a chair and a small stool. The photographs were taken as soon as the machine stopped and components were removed from the bed. The artist managed to document the complex texture of the materials that lay on top the bed surface. What he captures with the camera is what is left behind on the sacrificial bed of the machine, a material that lasts for a very short time before the artist wipe the bed entirely clean again.

“Chair” (2018). Digital print on Archive paper, 297mm x 420mm

“Chair” and “X” remarks a vital phase in the development of the artist work that at this point in time has transcended the boundaries of the process of making an object and start to explore a new territory.

Metaphorically, those dunes of dust sitting on the bed of the CNC machine seem to recall scenes from the desert, traces of the hot wind of such landscapes or images taken from the surface of the moon, its craters with their remarkable emerging shapes.
“Emerging Legs” (2018)

The industrial bas-relief “Emerging Legs” is the wasted wood frame that remains from the manufacture of furniture using CNC machines. Here, the artist/designer gives new value to the shape of wood that is left behind from the cutting off of the different pieces composing furniture

Angelo Madonna
Angelo Madonna
“Emerging legs I” (2018). White Formica on plywood, 800mmx100mm
“Emerging legs II” (2018). Digital print on Archive paper, 148mm x 210mm