Act 3

Act 3 of Material Matters was held from 13-15 December 2018 at The Bridewell Studios, Prescot St, Liverpool, UK.

The artists of Act 3 were as follows:
John Elcock, Fiona Filby, Josie Jenkins, Simon Job, Frank Linnett, Angelo Madonna, Tabitha Moses, Miriam Sakwa, Andy Small and Laura Sullivan.

Co-curated by Angelo Madonna, John Elcock, Josie Jenkins and Miriam Sakwa.


Act 3 was a valued and rare collaboration from Bridewell artists with the artists of Material Matters. Over a period of four months we progressed ideas to work on a joint show that responded to the unique nature of the historic studio complex -both physical and cultural – and to the ethos of the Material Matters’ collective. It culminated with a two week development period on-site at the Bridewell in December 2018 graciously assisted by the artists and directors of the studios.

The resulting show featured a fascinating range of individual responses to the spaces across a wide range of media, sound, light, raw materials and upcycled waste. Rooms in the former Edwardian Bridewell police station and cells were re-purposed and cleared-out, new spaces were created were none existed. Wood, electrical equipment and even dust from the building was incorporated into artworks.

The preview night was held on Wednesday 12th December 2018 were 50 guests were invited to explore the Bridewell to see work from 11 artists, on a cold night guided by beacon fires in the courtyard, and assisted by mulled wine and a blazing fireplace in the Bridewell’s main gallery. The night culminated with an endurance performance piece by Elcock detailed separately here


You may download a copy of the Act 3 exhibition guide here:


Grateful thanks to the Directors and Artists of the Bridewell Studios, Fiona Filby, Crossling Plumbing, Vermont Construction and SJS Joinery.