Between Body and Object

The cultural anthropocene is surely the apotheosis of the self. The narcissism of our age risks eroding what it means to be human and part of a grander mission; we are being cruelly reminded of this of course in the current COVID era.

As artists, a richer seam of exploration can arguably be found in body as object. There is a kind of humility in accepting a Gallilean view of the human as a body in relation to others, to move away from a Platonic view of us centering and eclipsing the Sun.

Body as material however risks us erecting plinths to our own image. From Gilbert & George to Abramović this path has been well trodden. Research that explores us in relation to else, even as equivalent, creates interesting creative possibilities.

Let us see then where this material takes us.

Here as example is Angelo’s experiment for his recent MFA into inter-alia dialogues with objects, in this case a dunnage bag. Together, they make a unique ‘collaboration’ – of a kind, and in doing so create a fascinating range of affective dynamics.

Bod _ j _ ect (2020)
Between Video and sound installation and Live Performances.

Angelo describes the project:

In terms of artistic intentions, I have always considered my work as an on-going research on visual, sound and material.

Although, the focus has been mainly on the relationship between sound and objects, recently I started to experiment with the bodies/humans playing with bodies/non-humans in space.

The main objective is to bring a sense of connectedness (the state of being or becoming connected and having a close relationship with other things or people) by using technologies – advanced and none.

Bod_ j _ect has been conceived as an on going experiment dedicated on how to enter in dialogue with the materials of an object and with ‘them’ create different affective dynamics. For this project has been extremely important for me not to force this encounter into a given product, but instead learning to follow the process of the experiment as it was developing.

I believe, in fact that in doing this I have been able to reach instances of balance between the human object, the non-human object and the sound and at the same time to document them into short affective video-performances.”

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