An Act of Libation

In January 2019 artists of the material matters collective created a simple act of libation to mark the passing of the old year and welcoming of the new.

On the banks of the River Mersey grappa was shared, poured and divested to the waters. Appropriate readings from two medieval sources were made:

New Year has brought renewing, winter’s gone, Short daylight lengthens and the winds are still, The year’s first month of January’s here, And in my mind the tides still ebb and flow.

Now, Winter, yieldeth all thy dreariness, The cold is over all thy frozenness, All frost and fog, and wind’s untowardness. All sullenness, uncomely sluggishness, Paleness and anger grief and haggardness.

Benedictbeuern MS

The bottle was then re-filled, sealed and given to the River.
Let us know if you find it.

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