Act 2: Artists and Dates announced

From 4-6 July 2018 visual artists Josie Jenkins, Laura Sullivan and Oliver Wildman will exhibit together at the Well Studios in Liverpool city centre for the second edition from the new collective.

Material Matters is a curated series of exhibitions divided into Acts. The focus of the curation is towards the creative processes of recycling, re-interpretation and breathing new life into found materials, discarded objects and raw media. Its outcomes reflect an altering of function, status or lifespan, developing new forms and meanings.

Act 2 of Material Matters features a new performance piece by Jenkins in which over the three days of the exhibition a painting will emerge from its raw materials. Visitors will be welcome to observe and discuss the making process with Josie throughout the entirety of its construction. The exhibition also features multi-media work by Sullivan exploring ideas of escapism, movement and environment, whilst Wildman will exhibit recent sculptural work.

Admission Free

Wed 4th July 10am-7pm
Thu 5th July 10am-late
Fri 6 July 10am-5pm

Join us on Thursday 5th July from 7pm for drinks and an opportunity to view Jenkins’ performance in the company of the artists.

Material Matters is curated by Angelo Madonna. Act 2 co-curated by John Elcock, Josie Jenkins and Attila Olah.